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Technical Feature• 4 DUT holder design: load/line inspection/area inspection/ unload,simple maintenance & efficient output.• High resolution/high speed line and area array camera, capable to identify defeat at high speed. Screen out quality products at high efficiency. • High precision fixture design to provide power supply for DUT. Thus, NO extra power supply is required• Scalable design to fit for different size DUT through adjustment positioning screws in test fixture.
Feature• Cycle time• Integrate ATE,Hipot,Aging in one line • 4 cell total 128 Carrier work in parallel to get max output。• E-load: better & faster changeover timeTesting process1. Load DUT to Pallets2. Load Pallets3. Auto insert USB 4. Transfer to Aging chamber5. Aging 2 hours 6. Transport to Hi-pot chamber 7. Hi-pot test 8. Transport to ATE chamber9. ATE test 10. Unload Pallets
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