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Motor Auto-assembly Line

上市日期: 2016-11-08

• Cycle time<12s cpk="">1.67 • FPY>99.8%


• Total sixteen procedures as below
• Laser Marking
• Press stator
• Press bearing to endshield
• Press bearing endshield subassembly to rotor subassembly
• Press endshield rotor subassembly to motor housing subassembly
• Dipole assembly (glue, laser clean, magnetize, UV light, Vision)
• Press magnet ring
• Assembly O ring to contact unit subassembly
• Contact unit assembly & crimp
• leakage test
• Pre‐assembly of Rotor (Magnetize, Assembly)
• Press shaft seal
• Assemble spring washer
•Laser mark on

Motor Auto-assembly Line

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